Final Report

Download the final report here!

Community Meeting 2

After the first community meeting, the project design team developed the community’s visions into a consolidated development plan. This draft plan  was presented at the second community meeting, where the public weighed in on the proposals, suggested revisions and improvements to the plans, and ranked proposed projects in terms of priority.


Development Plan Context: This plan shows a zoomed out view of Old Town and highlights some key transportation and infrastructure projects, including gateways to Old Town, trail connections to Old Town, roadway construction projects, and improvements at Lake Lanier.


Short Term Development Plan: This plan shows Old Town as built out after completion of the short term development projects. It illustrates the built out redevelopment sites and improvements to Old Town’s streets and public spaces.

For more details, and to see the list of individual projects that were presented, see the meeting materials.

Community Meeting 1

We developed these four concepts at the community visioning workshop. Each began with a base that shows Pine Street extending from Gainesville Street to Lights Ferry Road and from Church Street to Railroad Avenue. They also all planned for a consolidated City Hall whose siting was a major design driver. These diagrams show land use schemes accompanied by major points of connection, infrastructure improvements, proposed community programs, and other ideas unique to each plan. Click on the thumbnail below to see the details:


Concept 1 – Vistas


Concept 2 – The Square


Concept 3 – The Circle


Concept 4 – Flowery Branch Old and New


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