Great turnout at the core team’s first meeting

We had a great first core team meeting in the Flowery Branch city offices last week. Joel Reed, the planner managing the project, led the meeting. He introduced the Pond & Company project team and subconsultants Pam Sessions, Cheri Morris, and Kyle Talente. We reviewed some of Flowery Branch’s previous planning efforts, and we briefly looked at some existing conditions in Flowery Branch. Then, the group as a whole had an informal conversation kicking off the planning process. What are our favorite places, and what about them do we like? What kind of uses would we love to see in downtown Flowery Branch? What are some challenges we face in the development of downtown?



Welcome to the Flowery Branch Downtown Plan

The Flowery Branch Redevelopment Plan and Market Analysis aims to build on prior investment and planning to move the City forward in creating a vibrant Old Town. The City seeks to maximize its investment in consolidating City Hall functions and creating incentives that invite the private sector to partner in developing a special place in the heart of Hall County and the Lake Lanier community. To this end, the project management team will create a market-based, pragmatic plan of action that marries infrastructure design with a recruitment strategy for private investment. The resulting plan, which will integrate transportation, streetscape, and land use, will be fiscally sound and help to create a high quality of life for residents and property owners.

IMG_3581 (Large)

The City especially seeks to create a viable “Old Town” by understanding its trade-offs for the location of City Hall functions, the highest and best use of properties controlled by the City, and options for financial partners in preparing its funding program.

We hope you can help us create a vibrant place in downtown Flowery Branch!