Lots of ideas at the community visioning workshop

Over 40 people gathered at the Train Depot in Old Town Flowery Branch last night to articulate visions for the development of Old Town.

After some introductory exercises and a presentation about the project background and scope, we all broke up into four different groups to design individual schemes for Old Town. The major issues we considered included how to draw visitor to Old Town from I-985, from Atlanta Highway, and from Lake Lanier, how to enhance Old Town for pedestrians, and where a new, consolidated city hall should be located to best encourage a vibrant Old Town.


After drawing plans, walking around to look at the site, and listing key programs or features of our plans, each table presented its concept to the entire group. We presented our different reasons for siting City Hall, connections we prioritized, and proposed green and public spaces. All the groups agreed that Old Town needs more visibility, more pedestrian facilities, more small-scale retail and various housing types, and strong connections across the railroad and to Lake Lanier.

Next, the design team will have to work with the marketing consultants to consolidate features from each concept into a cohesive plan for Old Town.


For more information, download the meeting materials here.


One Comment on “Lots of ideas at the community visioning workshop”

  1. Joel Reed, AICP says:

    I just want to thank the community for participating in the plan and process to help create the foundation for a successful redevelopment in Old Town! Joel Reed, Project Manager

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